Projects at Koch International

Koch International doesn’t just offer its customers the right mix of logistics. We have also set ourselves the following goal: the conservation of the environment and resources. We have been systematically working to keep our own environmental impact as low as possible for years. We publish the results of our environmental projects in an annual sustainability report.

We have a worthwhile and important responsibility.

At the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris a resolution was made to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees. Global warming is primarily caused by greenhouse gases. Koch International has aligned its sustainability strategy accordingly and is targeting a drastic reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions to keep this promise. We want to create an offer for our customers that supports our common goals of climate neutrality.

We finance the reduction in carbon emissions through a sustainability fund set up specifically for this purpose. This is used to fund projects that bring us closer to the climate target.

Carbon compensation through global climate protection projects in cooperation with FOKUS ZUKUNFT.

Since February 2023 we have been offering our digital customers climate-neutral shipping through compensation with FOKUS ZUKUNFT climate protection certificates. Our biomass climate protection project in Vietnam is based on the construction and operation of a cogeneration plant that enables the use of bagasse from a sugar factory to generate energy. A long-term project that saves up to 32,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent  

With every compensated tonne of CO2, our customer support the reduction in global warming caused by keeping the Status Quo in the transport sector.

A selection of our environmental projects:

    Green working circle

    Environmental protection across companies.

    Bike Leasing

    Company bikes for employees.

    Rubbish collection campaign

    Rubbish collection campaign – Koch International is a regular participant.

    Osnabrück city cycling

    We are proud of our sporty employees.


    Alternative drive technology..

    Photovoltaic power

    Alternative energy for logistics

    Bee colonies on the company premises

    Company site in harmony with nature.

    Sustainable building technology

    Logistics centre with the latest environmental and building technology.

    Climate ambassador

    As Osnabrück climate ambassadors, we are committed to regional climate protection.

    JobTicket for public transport

    Koch company ticket for public transport for our employees.

    Energy scouts

    Our trainees have been active for years and contribute to internal changes

    Hydrogen Trucks

    Alternative drive technology.

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