Efficient distribution logistics for your success

In today’s fast-paced world, distribution logistics, also known as sales logistics, plays a crucial role in a company’s supply chain. It ensures that companies can deliver their products reliably and on time to every customer worldwide.

The definition of distribution logistics describes it as a part of logistics that deals with the transport, warehousing and delivery of goods. As a central element of supply chain management, the aim of distribution logistics is to provide the right products in the right quantity, at the right time, in the right place and at the right cost. This involves careful planning, precise control and continuous monitoring of logistical processes in order to meet the high demands of modern markets.

At Koch International, we understand the importance of efficient distribution logistics. That is why we offer customised solutions for your logistics that are specifically tailored to the individual needs of your company. Our expertise in this area guarantees you strategic control and optimisation of your logistics processes to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Distribution logistics: Efficient transport for your success

Distribution logistics is a central component of the supply chain and focuses on the efficient organisation of transport from manufacturers to end customers and the storage of goods. It comprises the planning, management and control of all processes associated with the transport and storage of products between companies and customers. The primary task of sales logistics is to distribute a company’s products efficiently and cost-effectively.

Various logistical processes such as warehousing, packaging, transport, tracking and technological innovations play an important role in this. These elements aim to deliver products safely, punctually and cost-effectively. Strategic control of the entire supply chain is necessary to ensure high availability of goods. Supply chain management encompasses the planning, control and monitoring of all processes in logistics and ensures the optimal distribution of products.

The main tasks of distribution logistics include:

Warehousing and inventory management

Warehousing and inventory management are crucial tasks of distribution logistics. They ensure that the right products are available at the right time to meet the demand of every customer and minimise excess stock.

Picking and packing

Efficient picking and packing is necessary to protect products during transport and to assemble orders quickly and accurately.


Selecting the appropriate mode of transport (road, rail, air and water) based on distance, product type and cost is critical to ensure on-time deliveries.

Tracking and reporting

Real-time monitoring of shipments and detailed reporting can optimise delivery times, stock levels and transport costs.

Technological innovations

The use of automation, vehicle tracking, data analytics and artificial intelligence improves the efficiency, accuracy and transparency of the distribution process.

Our job is to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination at the right time, in the right quantity and in optimal condition.

Influence of distribution logistics

The logistical processes in distribution logistics are diverse and include planning, transport, warehousing and order picking. A well-thought-out material flow is crucial to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

E-commerce has significantly changed the requirements for distribution logistics. Customers expect fast and reliable deliveries, which has a major impact on logistics processes. Companies need to react flexibly to fluctuations in demand while keeping an eye on costs. This is where Industry 4.0 comes into play, enabling optimised control and automation of logistics processes through digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence.

The strategic management of material flows, the planning of transport and storage capacity, the selection of the right distribution channels and coordination with suppliers and sales partners are also key elements of distribution logistics. The aim is to bring the goods to every customer with the lowest possible costs and short delivery times in order to ensure a high level of product availability and thus increase customer satisfaction. This is because effective distribution logistics has a direct influence on the success of a company. By optimising logistics processes, costs can be lowered, stock levels reduced and delivery times shortened. This enables companies to remain competitive and better fulfil customer needs.

With Koch International as your partner, you can rely on improved planning and control as well as reduced costs. Thanks to our many years of experience and the use of state-of-the-art technology, such as Industry 4.0, we can fulfil all e-commerce requirements. We guarantee high availability of your products and fast delivery times in order to exceed your customers’ expectations. We also take on strategic tasks, such as the long-term planning and optimisation of your distribution logistics, as well as operational tasks, such as daily order processing and outgoing goods. We at Koch International offer you flexible solutions that are customised to your specific distribution requirements. Our expertise in direct sales and indirect distribution channels helps you to open up new markets and expand your reach.

Our expertise and service for your goals

One of the biggest difficulties in distribution logistics is the high cost of transport and warehousing. It is challenging to find ways to reduce these costs without compromising the quality of the service. This requires careful planning and optimisation of logistics processes. One example could be the use of e-mobility in transport. This not only reduces costs but also the ecological footprint. Packaging also plays an important role, as it not only ensures the protection of products, but also influences the efficiency of the transport process.

With extensive expertise and a wide range of services, Koch International covers all aspects of sales logistics. From storage, inventory management and packaging to route optimisation and transport – we offer you solutions that are perfectly tailored to your individual requirements.

Our services at a glance:

  • Inventory management: Effective inventory management is essential to meet demand without creating overstocks. We rely on precise planning based on experience reports, forecasts and current market trends to ensure that your stocks are always optimally managed.
  • Supply chain management: By strategically managing and optimising your supply chain, we ensure that all processes run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Transport and storage: Choosing the right means of transport and storage facilities is crucial to the efficiency of your distribution logistics. We offer a variety of transport options, including lorries, ships, aircraft and customised storage solutions to meet your requirements. Our modern fleet and e-mobility options guarantee environmentally friendly and cost-efficient transport. With our state-of-the-art warehouse facilities and precise order picking processes, we ensure efficient and secure storage of your products.
  • Route optimisation: We use advanced route optimisation software to find the most efficient transport routes for your products. This saves you time and money, while your deliveries reach their destination quickly and reliably.
  • Packaging: The right packaging is essential to protect your products during transport. Our packaging solutions are designed to reduce waste and make handling easier.
  • Tracking and traceability: We offer you the ability to track and trace your products throughout the distribution process. With the help of modern technologies such as barcodes and RFID tags, we ensure that you always have an overview.
  • Customer service: Excellent customer service is our top priority. We guarantee on-time delivery, provide real-time tracking information and communicate transparently and effectively with your customers.

An efficient material flow is crucial to the success of your company. We ensure that your products flow seamlessly through our warehousing systems from goods receipt to goods issue. By using state-of-the-art technologies and merchandise management systems, we guarantee optimum control and monitoring of all warehouse processes.

Our services include not only distribution logistics, but also the integration of procurement logistics and production logistics. This enables us to ensure a continuous and efficient material flow from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of finished products.

Your advantages:

  • Effective inventory management for optimised stock levels
  • Wide range of transport and storage options for flexibility
  • Time and cost savings through route optimisation
  • Product protection and increased efficiency thanks to optimised packaging solutions
  • Transparency and reliability thanks to a modern tracking system
  • Traceability and traceability for a seamless logistics chain
  • Excellent customer service

LOGISTICS BEYOND BORDERS: Unlimited logistics solutions with Koch International

In a constantly changing world, it is crucial to have a flexible partner at your side. Koch International not only accompanies you across borders, but also into the future.

As an experienced logistics service provider, Koch International is your ideal partner for the realisation of efficient distribution logistics. Our expertise in strategic supply chain management and planning enables us to develop customised solutions for your specific requirements. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies and offer a high level of control over all logistics processes to get your products to every customer quickly and reliably. With us as your logistics and transport company, you benefit from a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to the dynamic requirements of the market. Our extensive experience and our commitment to the highest quality make us a reliable partner for your distribution logistics.

We are your reliable partner for worldwide freight transport. Whether by rail, sea, road or air – we offer customised solutions for your needs.

Do you need special transport solutions? We are experts for individual requirements such as temperature-controlled transport, express deliveries and hazardous goods transport.

Rely on our expertise to deliver your consignments safely and on time.

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