Because we are aware of our responsibility

For us, responsibility means recognising and involving the people around us.

That is why we not only take care of the professional development of our employees, but also ensure, among other things, that they can balance their family and career. For instance, we offer our employees emergency child and youth care if their regular child care is unexpectedly unavailable to support a secure and relaxed work environment, even in emergencies.

However, our social commitment goes even further and is broadly diversified: As a responsible company, we are committed to social projects in our surrounding area. We are particularly interested in supporting regional projects and activities that support children and young people. But we are also committed to other projects, such as supporting the Osnabrück food bank as well as our cooperation with OsnaBRÜCKE e.V. At Koch International we are aware of our social challenges and are striving to do our part by supporting a range of institutions.

In addition, we are always looking to get more children, young people and adults interested in the world of logistics. We are involved in a number of campaigns that provide an insight into our company and convey the importance of the sector. These include cooperations with schools and road safety campaigns. In recent years, children have enjoyed taking a look behind the scenes at the company as part of the “Sendung mit der Maus” door opener day. We use social media, including Facebook and Instagram, to provide an insight into our company as well as the various apprenticeships and professions.

Open the door for the mouse.

Koch International gives the little ones an insight into the world of logistics.

The Mouse Door Opener Day is a campaign organised by the German children’s television programme “Die Sendung mit der Maus”. On this day, companies and institutions open their doors so that children can visit exciting places and take a look behind the scenes.

We, Koch International, are also one of these companies. The aim is to impart knowledge in a playful way and to encourage children’s curiosity. The event takes place once a year.

All information, including event times and registration, can be found here.

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