Vocational orientation and applicant training for pupils

The IHK Osnabrück-Emland-Grafschaft Bentheim and kAör – Servicestelle Schule – Wirtschaft have launched the “School – Business” initiative to give schoolchildren an intensive insight into the world of business at an early stage and make their transition to work easier. Koch International has concluded cooperation agreements with the Möser-Realschule am Westerberg, Osnabrück, the Thomas-Morus Haupt- und Realschule in Osnabrück and the Realschule Wallenhorst as part of this programme.

  • The pupils in their eighth year in these schools are invited to tour companies to get an initial idea of what life here is like.
  • We offer “profile weeks” to students in grade 9. This gives the students the chance to get a taste of the different job profiles (e.g. business, language, technology) depending on their interests.
  • In grade 10, students are given the opportunity to participate in detailed applicant training, including a fake interview.
  • Our apprentices visit schoolrooms to provide information about qualified trades and report on their own experiences.  

In addition, students can complete internships with our company at any time

If you are also interested in cooperation, please get in touch with us.

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