Economy is important to us as well

Economy is a term whose meaning has transformed considerably in recent decades. A decade ago, “economy” was used to mean the most efficient possible business with limitless growth as its primary and sole objective.

Today, our understanding of economy has changed and is constantly transforming. By way of comparison, these days “economy” is always mentioned in the same breath as ecology. This means that companies are constantly grappling with their own progress while also having to reflect on whether they are keeping an eye on the big picture.

Koch International too is in a state of constant change and is striving to reconcile the concepts of economy and ecology. After all, we are aware that we as a company have a responsibility to society and that a new economy is needed to respond to modern problems and issues. The logistics sector is an essential foundation in our international, globalised economy. Our customers are extremely diverse and present in all sectors of industry and trade. So approaches and opinions differ significantly. But this also lets us use our actions and our approaches to have an influence on industry and trade as a whole and continue to champion the topic of sustainability.

Sustainable business focussed on the concerns of nature is critical and is extremely important to us. We are taking different approaches to achieve this goal:

you can find out more about the environmental approach and projects that we are involved in here.

The economic approach consists of, for example, gradually improving the sustainability of our lorries using hydrogen alternatives, further optimising supply chains as well as providing compensation opportunities for our customers. These approaches, which will be joined by many more in future, will help us step into the future and be part of the new economic system.

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