More than “just” a forwarding agent

We spent a long time trying to come up with the right slogan for Koch International.

One thing quickly became clear: we go beyond borders for customers and employees.


What does this mean for Koch International? 

We go beyond borders for employees. We see our employees as people, and problems and challenges are taken seriously – and we develop solutions, as we go beyond borders for our Koch International team.

We welcome everyone: regardless of social background, sexual orientation, religion, physical and mental capacities, gender and gender identity, ethnic origin, nationality and age. We learn from the heterogeneous group and go beyond our borders – expand our horizon and draw the best possible performance from the team.

We go beyond geographic borders. We are an international company and offer our customers transport services around the world. Our trucks reach their destination beyond borders. We develop individual logistics solutions for our customers.

We are the logistics specialist that made the topic of sustainability a key issue. This demands that we go well beyond the borders of normal everyday business to seek and find solutions and ideas. We are up-to-date and are innovation champions – we don’t just go that extra step, we also take the first step to constantly optimise our products.

We go beyond borders for our customers. As a service provider, we impress with excellent service and set ourselves apart from other logistics providers. As the Koch International Team, we make sure that we go that extra mile for your customers, every single day. We find a solution to every problem. 

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