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The use of the right packaging material is essential during transport. What end customer wants to receive goods that are already broken or damaged? To be able to offer our services as a logistics and transport company as well as providing the best packaging service, we launched our Packaging Shop. Buy packaging material online: here you will always find the packaging that precisely meets your needs. From Euro pallets through to boxes and adhesive tape: we exclusively supply high-quality material for your shipping requirements!

Buy packaging material – our products.

Our range contains everything that you need for safe transport. We exclusively supply high-quality packaging material for fast delivery:

  • Euro pallets
  • Pallet cages
  • Non-slip mats
  • Plastic pallets
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Adhesive tape
  • Dangerous goods labels
  • and much more …

You will always find the optimal packaging material for your needs.

Goods transport requires the right packaging. Firstly, to prevent damage and, secondly, to prevent the delivery of broken or defective goods to your customers. The latter in particular can, in a worst-case scenario, cause customers to switch suppliers. Your product packaging should therefore always be a top priority.
The choice of packaging naturally depends on the goods to be shipped. For instance, fragile items require special packaging material, such as edge protection, while sturdier goods may only need to be enclosed in cardboard or wrapped in foil. Sometimes, you just need the right load securing materials. Non-slip mats and lashing straps stop your goods from moving and protect them from impacts and slipping. Our packaging materials are durable and safe to provide the best possible protection for your goods during transport.

Packaging consulting: become a packaging pro.

From Euro pallets through to pallet cages and dangerous goods labels. We find the best packaging solution for you.
Sometimes it’s not easy to decide how to provide the best possible protection for your goods. Which packaging adequately protects goods from impacts or pressure during transport? What cardboard packaging is most suitable for loading? Which pallet will provide the greatest stability for the goods? To clarify all of your questions, we provide professional packaging consulting that will turn you into a safe packaging pro. Our friendly and competent team is always available to help you select the best packaging solutions and answer any questions you may have.

Our services:

  • On-site analysis of your products
  • Development of potential optimisations
  • Recommendation of suitable inner packaging and outer packaging
  • Recommendation on the creation and attachment of shipping and address labels
  • Creation of packaging instructions

Your benefits:

  • Reduction in the variety of packaging in your company
  • Minimisation of your packaging costs with the optimal use of the packaging volume (less air in the packaging)
  • Reduction of the transport costs through the optimised use of the packaging volume
  • Optimisation of the packaging systems in relation to the transport systems
  • Minimisation of transport damage
  • Optimisation of your work processes by trained personnel

Land transport: Calculate the freight price online and book transport.

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