What are the most common types of containers?

  • 20’ standard containers
  • 40’ standard containers
  • 40’ High Cube standard container (higher than the 40’ standard container)
  • 45’ standard containers
  • Open-top containers 20’ and 40’ (containers with an open top (can be covered with a tarpaulin), e.g. for overheight goods)
  • Flatrack containers 20’ and 40’ (containers without side walls and roof), e.g. for overheight and/or overwidth goods
  • Reefer containers 20’ and 40’ (refrigerated containers in standard dimensions with own refrigeration/heating unit, e.g. for foodstuffs and temperature-sensitive goods)
  • Platform containers 20’ and 40’ (containers with a platform without side and end walls), e.g. for overwidth and/or overlength goods
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