What types of pallets are there?

Euro pallet: The Euro pallet is a widely used standardised wooden pallet that is used in Europe for transporting goods. It measures 80 cm × 120 cm and is made of robust wood. Due to its standardised size and design, the Euro pallet is widely used in the logistics industry and is used to transport a wide variety of goods. It facilitates the handling of goods and enables efficient storage and transport processing.

Disposable pallet: Disposable pallets are pallets that are designed for single use and are usually made from inexpensive materials such as plywood or pressboard. Unlike the Euro pallet, which is often reused, disposable pallets are often disposed of or recycled after use. They are particularly popular for the transport of light or perishable goods as they are inexpensive and do not require return.

Düsseldorf pallet: The Düsseldorf pallet is a special type of wooden pallet that is often used in the beverage industry, especially for transporting beer kegs and beverage crates. It is characterised by its robust construction and its specific dimensions, which are tailored to the requirements of the beverage industry. The Düsseldorf pallet facilitates the safe transport and storage of beverage containers and is an important tool in the logistics of the beverage industry.

These pallet types are just a selection from a large number of pallet variants that can vary depending on the intended use, industry and region. Each pallet type has specific features and benefits that make it suitable for certain applications.

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